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  • Technology and Today’s Social Worker

    Technology has changed the way social workers do their jobs. It now enables them to more easily store and retrieve data, conduct research, and to develop client treatment plans. These advances have truly changed the way the profession functions. There are now databases that help with case planning, assessments, and treatment plans – all done electronically.
    Technology has also made it possible for social workers to attend online webinars and training programs. And what’s even more remarkable, social workers, thanks to the Internet, can offer treatment to rural clients who may not have access to a provider. E-counseling, or e-therapy, allows people to seek the help they need from the privacy of their own homes.

  • Your Mental Health is Important Too

    Social workers can help people through life’s toughest times, often by providing them with mental health support that they otherwise would not have access to. These experiences can be extremely rewarding, but may also leave you feeling both physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of the day. You must take time to preserve your own mental health if you want to continue to help others and avoid burnout.