Connecting with people and working to understand them is a social worker’s bread and butter. The importance of empathy and the ability to communicate is vital for interacting with clients, but is also important for broader interactions within the social work profession. Social networks like Google+ provide a platform that can be uniquely beneficial for social workers who are trying to broaden the scope of their knowledge and practice by meeting other professionals, joining associations, or just having conversations with other social workers in diverse roles.

Additionally, Google+ can offer useful tools for social workers to recommend to their clients. Support communities for those who have suffered bullying, domestic violence, hunger, or homelessness are all available, as well as communities that focus on the broader issues of poverty and social justice that social workers are constantly confronting. The Google+ pages mentioned here cover the full spectrum of useful social work resources, and instead of being numerically ranked, they are organized to allow for easy perusal of related accounts.

Social Work Communities

Google+ communities focused on a central topic such as bullying, homelessness, or social justice can be useful for social workers who specialize in working with particular client demographics. Additionally, the more general social work communities are great for making professional contacts in the field.

  1. Social Workers

    Social Workers

    This Google + community is designed to support and create networking among social workers in a variety of fields, including community, clinical, medical, psychiatric, and school social workers. Use this platform to share your experiences, ask questions, and offer answers, tips, and tricks for your profession.

  2. Social Work Tech

    Social Work Tech

    Social workers are busy people, but they also know the impact that social media can bring to their work and causes. Enter the Social Work Tech community, where social workers can find tools, articles, and art that can innovate and inspire your social work practice.

  3. Social Work Exam Prep

    Social Work Exam Prep

    The Social Work Exam Prep community is a platform where social workers can get together to prepare for the social work licensing exam. Unlicensed and licensed workers are welcome, and all are encouraged to ask questions, supply answers, and offer tips, tricks, and success stories.

  4. School Social Work

    School Social Work

    If you are a school social worker, you might want to tap into this Google+ community for your profession. This community is based upon the website that offers resources for school social workers, such as technology, career ideas, intervention training, and research.

  5. World Human Rights Council

    World Human Rights Council

    The World Human Rights Council (WHRC) community is supported by an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to implementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at local, regional, national and international levels through education, resources and activities. The organization welcomes individuals who are in the social service professions, including social workers and other professionals.

  6. Social work and technology

    Social work and technology

    Jonathan Singer is a social worker and faculty member at Temple University, where he focuses on suicidal youth and family-based psychosocial interventions. Online, he’s a bit of a social-work superman as he helps other social workers develop online or technical strategies that can help them build their social work success — be sure to follow the link to his personal page and to his Social Work Podcast.

  7. Behavioral Health & Recovery Professionals

    Behavioral Health & Recovery Professionals

    If you’re a member of the behavioral health fields, you might want to check out this Google + community for those professionals. A behavioral health professional is a person who is licensed by the state and whose professional activities address a client’s behavioral issues, including social workers.

  8. Social Work Enthusiasts

    Social Work Enthusiasts

    If you are a social worker, you may want to join in on the discussions in this Google + community, where individuals in this field share their ideas and activities. Feel free to share your tips and tricks, and begin to network with other social workers from across the nation.

  9. Student Social Work Association (SSWA)

    Student Social Work Association (SSWA)

    Professor Jones, from Tarleton State University, guides this Google + community for students who are studying social work at Tarleton. Although the association begins on this campus, the reach is nationwide; so, other students also can join in to ask questions or to offer answers and suggestions regarding their own studies.


Social Justice

Social justice is a major motivator for social work professionals. Working to promote equality and improve the quality of life for poor, underrepresented populations is one of the founding principles of the social work field, and Google+ is a good place to share struggles and successes in the struggle toward social justice.

  1. Southern Poverty Law Center

    Southern Poverty Law Center

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit civil rights organization that fights hate and bigotry and seeks justice for the most vulnerable members of society. Based in Montgomery, Alabama, this law center is seated in the birthplace of the modern civil rights movement.

  2. Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

    Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

    CJCJ provides a valuable social service by trying to reduce reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems. Their mission is to accomplish this goal through technical assistance and policy analysis that works toward promoting a balanced and humane criminal justice system designed to reduce incarceration and that enhances long-term public safety.

  3. Southern Coalition for Social Justice

    Southern Coalition for Social Justice

    The Southern Coalition for Social Justice partners with communities of color and economically disadvantaged communities across the south to defend and advance their political, social, and economic rights. This organization, founded in 2007 in Durham, North Carolina, consists of lawyers, social scientists, community organizers, and media specialists who work in legal advocacy, research, organizing, and communications.

  4. Social Justice Fund NW

    Social Justice Fund NW

    Social Justice Fund Northwest is a foundation that leverages their members’ resources to generate social change and to foster long-term social justice solutions in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. For three decades, the members of this organization have worked on projects that have built community and that have addressed the root causes of injustice.

  5. Social Justice

    Social Justice

    Blood, Sweat, and Berries began as a documentary about California migrant workers and the process behind America’s produce industry. Today, this group is a nonprofit organization that offers an annual scholarship, service projects for the homeless and underprivileged, and as encouragement for other social work projects that help the under-served populations in this country.



    This site is operated by EXIT-US, Inc., a social transformation organization that works to empower former convicted citizens with civil liberties so they can return to society. They also work to help these returning citizens become transformative justice ambassadors in their neighborhoods.

  7. – A blog about social justice, hidden heritage, politics, and culture. - A blog about social justice, hidden heritage, politics, and culture.

    This site serves as a blog for the Fifth Street Project in Texas, a social work volunteer organization dedicated to sharing innovative approaches to community development in unincorporated or dwindling communities and ghost towns. The objective is to leverage heritage and social memory to help redevelop and market neglected communities.

  8. The Institute for Educational and Social Justice

    The Institute for Educational and Social Justice

    The Institute for Educational and Social Justice is committed to advancing educational and social justice through writing, consulting, and outreach efforts. The team at this organization has over 30 years combined experience in the fields of education, journalism, public relations, and writing.

  9. Brookings Institution

    Brookings Institution

    The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization that is one of the most quoted and most trusted think tanks in America. One of the key elements that this organization advances is to foster the economic and social welfare for all Americans.

  10. American Enterprise Institute

    American Enterprise Institute

    A community of scholars and supporters committed to a more prosperous, safer, and more democratic nation make up the American Enterprise Institute. One of the goals for this organization is to focus on economics and social welfare through research and education, to help improve the outlook for all levels of society in the U.S.

  11. Social Justice Solutions

    Social Justice Solutions

    Social Justice Solutions is a community that seeks to raise awareness about social injustice, to promote the exploration of social welfare policy and social justice, and to exercise the dictates of ethical social work practice in keeping with the NASW Code of Ethics. Join this community to share your voice in this project.

  12. The Centre For Social Justice

    The Centre For Social Justice

    The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is an independent think tank, established in 2004, that seeks to provide effective solutions to the poverty issues in Great Britain. Moving beyond traditional methods of identifying poverty, CSJ has identified and is moving on five key “pathways to poverty” that may help to divert a growing problem.


Social Workers

Some highly vocal social workers have chosen Google+ as their platform of choice, which makes it a better place than ever to meet active, motivated, and well-networked individuals in the field.

  1. Relando Thompkins, MSW

    Relando Thompkins, MSW

    Relando Thompkins, MSW, is an online social advocate who shares his Detroit experiences and his work with individuals who believe they are outcasts from society. He offers services in conflict resolution through non-violent communication and social action to build more equitable and inclusive communities and to increase intercultural understanding.

  2. Team Social Work

    Team Social Work

    Team Social Work offers a platform for social service volunteer projects, programs, and jobs. This innovative effort is global, and allows volunteers to search for opportunities and connect with a wide range of social work projects that show transparent fees and services if applicable.

  3. Social Work Helper

    Social Work Helper

    Social Work Helper is an online magazine that provides news, information, and resources to social workers in a variety of services. They also cater to anyone who seeks social services by helping them navigate the systems implemented by professionals in social work fields.

  4. Social Work in Progress

    Social Work in Progress

    Social Work in Progress is a business-to-business company that specializes in geriatric and medical social work in Boston and beyond. Sarah Wright, MSW, LICSW, is the founder of this service, and she has worked with older adults for over fifteen years.

  5. NAMI Four Seasons

    NAMI Four Seasons

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Henderson and Polk Counties of North Carolina provides support, education, and advocacy for families affected by mental illness in that region. This organization does not provide therapy or medical or legal advice, but they provide a great social service by pointing people to those resources.

  6. Sarie Nell Social worker in Private Practice

    Sarie Nell Social worker in Private Practice

    Sarie Nell is a registered qualified social worker in private practice, and she has more that twelve years experience in legal and supportive social work. She specializes in supportive legal and therapeutic services to parents and children who need help and assistance coping with separation and/or divorce in South Africa.

  7. Cassandra Durham

    Cassandra Durham

    Cassandra is a Christian minister, author, and social work graduate who currently serves as the program coordinator of HIV/AIDS Services at a local organization. Her focus is advocating for African American women and in teaching programs on the prevention and spread of HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

  8. Chicago House & Social Service Agency

    Chicago House & Social Service Agency

    Chicago House & Social Service Agency provides a valuable social service through providing housing and support services to HIV-affected families. Their mission is to help those HIV-at risk families who are also affected by poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, and mental illness.

  9. Dale Shank

    Dale Shank

    Dr. Shank is a licensed independent social worker in clinical practice who works as a field liaison for the BSW program at Eastern New Mexico University. He also manages and operates Life Works, LLC, a resource that provides human resource training and individual and family mental health therapy services.

  10. Ellen Belluomini

    Ellen Belluomini

    Meet Ellen Belluomini, a leader, educator, and therapist who has worked with thousands of individuals over the past quarter century to help them renew their leases on life through constructive communication techniques. Her current focus is sharing transformational techniques with universities, businesses, leaders, social networks, families, and individuals.

  11. The New Social Worker Magazine

    The New Social Worker Magazine

    The New Social Worker Magazine is a free online quarterly publication designed for social work students, recent graduates, educators, and practitioners. Its focus is career development for professional social workers in a fun and easy-to-read format to advance career development for professional social workers at the bachelor’s level and above.

  12. Network of Professional Social Workers NPSW

    Network of Professional Social Workers NPSW

    The Network of Professional Social Workers (NPSW) is an international association of professional social workers across the globe, sharing the goal of working across boundaries to find solutions to society’s issues. NPSW offers this community, a website, and so much more, with the hopes of building a strong peer group of Social Change Agents.

  13. Daniel J. Smith

    Daniel J. Smith

    Daniel J. Smith is a complex individual who combines his love for social media, writing, education, and sharing information with social work and mental health. He currently is a student, but he’s also served (or is serving) as a peer support professional, a personal motivator, a speaker, and an advocate for mental health and education.

  14. Social Services Improvement Agency

    Social Services Improvement Agency

    The Social Services Improvement Agency, launched during the Social Services Summit in 2006, provides a foundation of support for social services throughout Wales. Hosted by the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) the Agency is a partnership enterprise between the Association, ADSS Cymru and the Welsh Government.

  15. Center for Social Service

    Center for Social Service

    The Center for Social Service is a voluntary, not for profit organization that works for the betterment of downtrodden and underprivileged young girls in society. This organization offers programs for girls who are orphaned, single-parent, economically and socially challenged, and elderly with an emphasis on economic independence.

  16. My Social Services

    My Social Services

    My Social Services is an effective professional team of highly skilled and caring individuals who want to help clients apply for and receive services based on personal needs. They work with senior citizen and other adults on issues such as Social Security, immigration and travel, health insurance questions, and career and education help.


Housing, Hunger & Homelessnes

Hunger and homelessness are two issues that many social workers try to mitigate by recommending food pantries, homeless shelters, and social housing initiatives to their clients. Hunger and homelessness are deeply rooted in social injustice and are therefore the primary focus of many social work organizations.

  1. San Francisco and Marin Food Banks

    San Francisco and Marin Food Banks

    Thousands of people in San Francisco and Marin make the choice every day to go without food or to eat less well to pay rent, medical bills, or other necessary items. The San Francisco and Marin Food Banks provides food to nearly 225,000 people through over 450 nonprofit partners, a valuable social service that helps to eliminate hunger in this area.

  2. Daily Bread Food Bank

    Daily Bread Food Bank

    Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank provides great social work services by providing food and resources to over 170 community agencies in this Canadian region. In 2012, their kitchen prepared and delivered 170,000 nutritious meals to shelters, hostels and meal programs across Toronto.

  3. Food Bank of the Rockies

    Food Bank of the Rockies

    Food Bank of the Rockies provides food for more than 350,000 people annually by distributing 88,000 meals each day through over 1,000 hunger relief partner agencies and their direct service programs. This is a valuable social service for this region, as Food Bank of the Rockies is the largest hunger relief organization in the Rocky Mountain Region.

  4. Second Harvest Food Bank

    Second Harvest Food Bank

    Many people already are familiar with Second Harvest, but some folks may not realize that regional chapters like this one exist. The Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, California, has been in operation since 1974, mobilizing individuals, companies, and community partners in this area to serve the under-served with nutritious foods.

  5. Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

    Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

    The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona is on a mission to help the hungry in their communities through education, advocacy, and the acquisition, storage, and distribution of food. This organization began to serve the people of Tucson and Pima County in 1976.

  6. Housing Centre UK

    Housing Centre UK

    Housing Centre UK is this country’s number one National Social Housing website, with the mission to bring a wide choice of affordable housing properties within easy reach of the UK home seeker. This group also provides a National Online Portal for Associations and Trusts to showcase properties, allowing for easy availability to those who need homes.

  7. New Orleans Homeless Mission

    New Orleans Homeless Mission

    The New Orleans Homeless Mission is the largest full-service Interdenominational Christian charity in the Gulf South, created as a service provider for a growing homeless population in New Orleans. This mission provides food, shelter, clothing and spiritual guidance to the city’s homeless, hurting and hungry.

  8. Homeless Advocate

    Homeless Advocate

    The Redding Coalition for the Homeless, based in California, consists of individuals and groups that cooperate together to advocate for the homeless. Their social service work includes working against practices and laws that single out homeless people and that criminalize them for conducting everyday living and life-sustaining activities.

  9. Come Spring Food Pantry

    Come Spring Food Pantry

    Come Spring Food Pantry, located in Maine, provides a valuable service by offering food and supplies to under-served populations in Union, Appleton, and South Hope. This community social service was founded as a project for the Come Spring School, a private school for children for special needs…although the school has closed, the food project remains strong.

  10. Appleseed Humanity

    Appleseed Humanity

    Over eleven million people have become homeless within the past decade, and more than two million of those homeless are children. Appleseed Humanity, through volunteerism, provides a social service to those children by working to provide new homes and education at no cost to the families or to taxpayers.

  11. LessHomeLess


    LessHomeLess / Home in a Wheel / Home to go is a new project started and created by Michael Breum to provide a temporary home for homeless people. The tool doesn’t replace a permanent shelter, but it does give them temporary relief from rain, snow, wind, and cold.

  12. Feeding America

    Feeding America

    Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks that feeds more than 37 million people every year through food pantries, soup kitchens, and in shelters nationwide. They work closely with each community involved to bring business, individuals, and other organizations together to care for their neighbors in need.

  13. No Kid Hungry

    No Kid Hungry

    One out of every five American children will go to bed hungry tonight, and the No Kid Hungry campaign wants Americans to know this fact. Their mission is to make sure that kids in need are connected with nutritious food and that their families know how to cook healthy and affordable meals, while engaging the public in this process.

  14. Invisible People

    Invisible People

    This organization leverages the power of video and social media to share the compelling, gritty, and unfiltered stories of homeless people from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles. Each week, goes beyond the homeless rhetoric to provide personal stories that might shatter your concept of the homeless individual.

  15. San Antonio Food Bank

    San Antonio Food Bank

    Southwest Texas also has a great food bank — The San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB), a non-profit organization, serves as a clearinghouse by receiving and storing truckloads of donated food, produce, and other grocery products. SAFB distributes these items to approximately 440 service agencies that help people in need.

  16. Atlanta Community Food Bank

    Atlanta Community Food Bank

    The Atlanta Community Food Bank distributes nearly 45 million pounds of food and groceries every year to 600 nonprofit partner feeding programs in the Atlanta area. Those programs include after-school programs, senior centers, community kitchens, shelters and food pantries in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

  17. St. Louis Area Foodbank

    St. Louis Area Foodbank

    The St. Louis Area Foodbank’s main mission is to feed hungry people by distributing food through a network of 500 partner agencies. These partners include food pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers and emergency shelters throughout 26 counties in Eastern Missouri and Southwestern Illinois, supplying more than 57,000 people with needed food every week.

  18. Vermont Foodbank

    Vermont Foodbank

    Through a network of 270 food shelves, meals sites, senior centers, shelters, after-school programs, the Vermont Foodbank runs programs that help feed as many as 86,000 Vermonters who need food assistance. They also offer various social service programs such as the BackPack Program, Gleaning, and fresh food initiatives.

  19. Food Bank CENC

    Food Bank CENC

    Sadly, hunger remains a serious problem in central and eastern North Carolina. In these counties, more than 560,000 individuals struggle each day to provide enough food for their families. The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, a nonprofit organization, has filled that need for more than 30 years by providing food for people at risk of hunger in 34 counties in central and eastern North Carolina.

  20. Freestore Foodbank

    Freestore Foodbank

    In 1971, Frank Gerson, a worker at Cincinnati’s incinerator, saw usable household items being tossed away…so he began collecting those items and distributing them to families in need. That was the beginning of what is now the Freestore Foodbank, a public charity and one of Ohio’s largest food distributors serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

  21. Social Housing Matters

    Social Housing Matters

    Peaks & Plains Housing Trust, located in Cheshire in the UK, offers a Google + community that tackles social responsibility and social housing. The focus of this community includes policy and strategy and national issues such as funding, welfare reform & digital inclusion.

  22. Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado

    Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado

    As the population of southern Colorado increases, so does the need for social services. Care and Share Food Bank provides emergency food assistance to 31 counties in Southern Colorado, and in the last fiscal year, distributed more than 17 million pounds of food throughout Southern Colorado.

  23. United Food Bank

    United Food Bank

    United Food Bank provides food to more than 250 agencies in Arizona, including homeless shelters, food pantries, churches, schools, and after-school programs. On average, 21,800 different people receive emergency assistance weekly from this social service network, totaling 45,200 meals every day.

  24. Capital Area Food Bank of Texas

    Capital Area Food Bank of Texas

    Meet the largest hunger-relief charity in Central Texas — the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, located in Austin. This non-profit organization provides food and grocery items, nutrition education, and social services to over 300,000 clients every year through a network of 300 partner agencies.

  25. Ascencia


    Ascencia, formerly PATH Achieve Glendale, is a nonprofit homeless service organization located in south Glendale, California, that provides a range of services and housing. They serve individuals and families of all ages and disabilities, including those disabled individuals who need service animals.

  26. East Texas Food Bank

    East Texas Food Bank

    Since 1988, the East Texas Food Bank has worked to reduce hunger by providing food, social services, and education to those in need with passion and efficiency. They have provided food to over 200 partner agencies to feed children, the working poor, and seniors in 26 counties throughout the eastern portion of this state.

  27. Franklin Food Pantry

    Franklin Food Pantry

    This small food pantry in Massachusetts serves a huge social work purpose, providing food and building networks around Franklin to help their neighbors in need. Affiliated with the Greater Boston Food Bank and in partnership with Grateful Farm and the community, this organization provides supplemental food and non-food items to households every 30 days and free fresh produce from June through October.

  28. Housing First, Inc.

    Housing First, Inc.

    Housing First, Inc., an organization based in Mobile, Alabama, is a nonprofit United Way partner that provides direct social services, research, and development with the goal of preventing and eliminating homelessness. Programs include various housing solutions, services, and financial assistance with a focus on military veterans and their families.

  29. Homeless Highway

    Homeless Highway

    Terry R. Bennett, a homeless man, created of Homelesshighway, with all the understanding of the problems and hardships that the homeless face. Homelesshighway answers the call for connecting homeless people with services that can help them from across the nation — a much needed service for an under-served population.

  30. Feeding America SWVA

    Feeding America SWVA

    Since 1981, the Feeding America Southwest Virginia’s Food Bank has provided millions of pounds of food and related products to approximately 340 partner agencies that serve more than 100,000 individuals in need of emergency food assistance every month in this part of the state. Without the Food Bank’s distribution program there would be severe and detrimental effects on the disadvantaged families and individuals living in their communities.

  31. Homeless Service Center

    Homeless Service Center

    The Homeless Service Center located in Conroe, Texas, provides assistance in employment and housing to area homeless in Montgomery County. Their services emphasize employment and housing, along with help with transportation, identification, visual aids, and other help for their citizens.


Child Welfare

Child welfare and abuse prevention are also common focuses for social workers and social work organizations. Protecting children from unfortunate circumstances is a noble and rewarding aspect of many social work careers.

  1. Child Abuse Survivors

    Child Abuse Survivors

    This Google + community provides an open yet safe place for child abuse survivors to gather for support or to share information. helped to develop this community, where they ask for respect and a reminder that the moderators are not professional therapists.

  2. Heartland for Children

    Heartland for Children

    Heartland for Children works toward improving the safety, permanency, and well being for children in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee Counties in Florida. This nonprofit non-government agency takes on the task of redesigning the foster care system to help prevent child abuse or neglect, and has become the leading social welfare agency for this region.

  3. Ark of Hope for Children

    Ark of Hope for Children

    Ark of Hope for Children and its extension programs focus solely on love, care, and support for child abuse survivors young and old. They provide emotional care for victims of child abuse, child sex trafficking and bullying (peer abuse) globally, which are reflected in the topics discussed in this G+ community.

  4. Safe Homes For Children

    Safe Homes For Children

    The Safe Homes for Children community is supported by the Stop Abuse Campaign, a group that seeks to drive abuse into extinction. In the process, they offer a platform where professionals can gather to discuss child abuse and suicide solutions as a means to providing safer homes for children today.

  5. Coalition for Children, Youth & Families

    Coalition for Children, Youth & Families

    The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families serves as an umbrella over foster care and adoption in Wisconsin by providing information and referral at every part of the process, recruiting homes for children in need of permanence, and support to foster and adoptive families, as well as the professionals who work with them. This organization is the single source for neutral, accurate, current information about every aspect of foster care and adoption in this state.

  6. National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC)

    National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC)

    The National Children’s Advocacy Center, located in Huntsville, Alabama, has revolutionized this nation’s response to child sexual abuse since its creation under the leadership of Bud Cramer. The work of the NCAC serves as a beacon of hope for more than 250,000 child abuse victims every year.

  7. Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

    Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

    This Google + community is a resource and online support system for adult survivors who want to find people who have had similar situations and feelings about their child abuse issues. It is not meant to be your only resource and they encourage you to seek face-to-face healthy relationships and therapy if needed beyond this support group.


Various Topics

A huge variety of issues come into play throughout most social work careers, and having the diverse knowledge and experience to handle unexpected situations is an important skill for every social worker to develop.

  1. House of Peace

    House of Peace

    The House of Peace is in service in the Milwaukee area, providing the poor with a food pantry, clothing closet, clinics, and programs, that all provide the underserved with hope. This organization, based upon Gospel values, continues to respond to the less fortunate by developing a variety of social and pastoral services to meet the needs of this community.

  2. Center for Financial Social Work

    Center for Financial Social Work

    Financial social work is a much-needed service, and this organization is on the mark to empower individuals to make long-term financial behavioral changes in their lives. The Center for Financial Social Work’s mission is accomplished through education, assistance, and with support professionals who provide strength based, psychosocial approach to financial empowerment for their clients.

  3. Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

    Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

    Boston College Graduate School of Social Work has been named a Top Ten Best Graduate School by U.S. News and World Report. This college offers rigorous, experience-based MSW and PhD programs and innovative research projects that advance the field.

  4. Missouri Suicide Prevention Project

    Missouri Suicide Prevention Project

    The Missouri Suicide Prevention Project (MSPP) provides educational resources and local crisis help for individuals in this state who need suicide prevention intervention. MSPP, which is a joint project between the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the Missouri Institute of Mental Health at the University of St. Louis, does not provide counseling or emergency services.

  5. Holy Faith Temple CFAP Food Pantry

    Holy Faith Temple CFAP Food Pantry

    For over twenty years, Min. Lucile Quinitchette-Williams, founder and pastor of Holy Faith Temple Church For All People has provided food assistance to the people of Vance County and surrounding North Carolina communities. This program always seeks help through donations and volunteers to help the underserved in this region.

  6. Grassroots Suicide Prevention

    Grassroots Suicide Prevention

    Suicide is an international problem, but this UK group seeks to save lives one at a time through grassroots efforts. Grassroots Suicide Prevention teaches suicide prevention skills to community members and professionals, and they also campaign on suicide prevention issues and fundraise to support their work.

  7. USC School of Social Work

    USC School of Social Work

    The University of Southern California’s page for social work showcases their leadership as a private research university in social work studies. The University of Southern California School of Social Work has been continuously listed among the top accredited social work graduate programs ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

  8. University at Buffalo School of Social Work

    University at Buffalo School of Social Work

    The University at Buffalo School of Social Work offers an M.S.W. with a trauma-informed and human rights perspective and an individualized, interdisciplinary Ph.D. in social welfare. The school uses this page to connect with anyone interested in social issues that confront this world today and who have special interests in the topics of human rights and trauma-informed care, as well as social work and human services.

  9. Trauma and Dissociation

    Trauma and Dissociation

    This Google + community is just a small part of a huge project that allows bloggers, poets, artists and writers to post secular items about psychological trauma and disassociation. Their project includes all the dissociative disorders and trauma stressor-related disorders included in the DSM-5.

  10. Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services

    Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services

    This Google + community provides an open forum for sexual assault prevention and response services discussions. Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services works to prevent and eliminate sexual violence and promote healing and empowerment for people of all genders and ages affected by rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, stalking and sexual harassment.

  11. Penn School of Social Policy & Practice

    Penn School of Social Policy & Practice

    The School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania contributes to the advancement of more effective, efficient and humane human services through education, research and civic engagement. Their theory-based degree programs in social work, social welfare, non-profit leadership and social policy encourage students to think and work across disciplinary lines and cultures as well as across national and international boundaries.

  12. Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota

    Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota

    Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota works to make a positive difference in the lives of people across this state by filling social needs. They provide housing, food, disaster recovery tools and assistance, counseling, therapy, and fulfill other needs for their neighbors in need.

  13. Women’s Protection Organisation (WPO)

    Women's Protection Organisation (WPO)

    The Women’s Protection Organisation (WPO) community is focused on any individual who may need special attention and care, and helps care givers by teaching them how to administer time and attention to those in need without harming themselves. Join, if you want to share in the experience of helping others.

  14. VCU School of Social Work

    VCU School of Social Work

    Since 1917, the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work has been preparing students to bring about change through their knowledge and actions. This school is just one of two in Virginia and one of only 39 nationwide to offer B.S.W., M.S.W., and Ph.D. degrees in social work.

  15. Stop Bullying, Violence and Abuse Now!

    Stop Bullying, Violence and Abuse Now!

    Does bullying bother you? Learn how to deal with bullies and make your voice heard through this Google + community focused on stopping bullying and violence. Share your own experiences, or simply spread the word.

  16. Stop Bullying

    Stop Bullying

    This “stop bullying” community on Google + is open to anyone who is against bullying. You can express your experiences and feelings about bullying through pictures and quotes to encourage others to join in on this network against violence.

  17. Anti-Bullying Brotherhood (SDS)

    Anti-Bullying Brotherhood (SDS)

    The Anti-Bullying Brotherhood is an anti-bullying community designed to provide support for folks who feel like they’re being bullied. The community was started by someone who “knows the importance of friends,” and who encourages others to find hope through that support.

  18. Depression-Suicide Prevention-“LIFE LINE”

    Depression-Suicide Prevention-

    The Depression-Suicide Prevention community aims to help those individuals who suffer from mental illnesses, depression and suicidal tendencies through education and support. This is not a professional therapy group, but therapists and physicians are welcome to join in on the discussions about the most recent related medical information and resources available for coping with these issues.

  19. Plus Suicide Project

    Plus Suicide Project

    The Plus Suicide Project is a place where people can talk about their problems and not be judged or mistreated. Everyone on this community group is a team member, providing them with responsibilities to help guide others in the responsibilities demanded by the community to help prevent suicide.

  20. Shelter


    Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness by providing free confidential advice to people with all kinds of housing problems. Tap into this site to learn more about their social work, including their mission to tackle the root causes of bad housing through lobbying for new laws and policies, including more investment, to help improve the lives of homeless and badly housed individuals and families.