Marriage and Family Therapist

The sheer tenacity of marriage is constantly put at odds with various obstacles, some able to be worked through, while others succumb to unexpected perils. The prevalence of marriage and family therapists has only increased in recent decades, notably to help couples and families try to stay together and work through the issues they confront. The profession takes on issues that often are the most important to individuals, so it’s incredibly important to be tactful in the position. With divorce rates still edging higher year after year, the profession is faced with the unique task of helping couple determine when it’s also best to end a marriage. The position also affords the excitement of finding ways for couples to work in the long-term and get families back to where they want to be.

Required Training and Qualifications

Marriage and family therapists can find success in the job through adept problem solving skills to address various issues couples or families are having, while also expressing a certain candor and willingness to not shy away from the important issues at hand. It’s also very useful to be able to look at larger issues at hand to see if there are any other factors impacting a relationship. Understanding how to best mediate a touchy situation can also be crucial to establishing efficient avenues of communication. All couples are different, a factor that holds even more true when considering children, so it’s also imperative to come into a situation with an open mind and willingness to assume all families will approach a situation the same. Aside from obtaining certification from an accredited institution, most marriage and family therapists hold a master’s degree.

Salary and Job Outlook Statistics

Pay in this profession is fairly competitive, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that median pay can typically be expected around $48,160. A number of factors affect job growth for this profession and it’s expected to grow at an exceptional rate of 29 percent between now and 2022.

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