Purdue University

Purdue University is a leader in online education, providing students a wealth of different degree options. If you’re interested in attending Purdue, you can pursue an associate degree up to the doctoral level in a variety of disciplines. Both online and traditional degree programs are available at Purdue, which allows student an enormous amount of flexibility when it comes to their education.

Purdue University has a long history of helping students earn their degree and succeed in their chosen career. Below, you’ll find a list of programs in the social work to help you on your way to becoming a qualified professional.

Social Work Programs at Purdue University

For those interested in a social work degree, Kaplan offers a few options worth looking into:

  • Associate of Applied Science in Human Services
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services: Child and Family Welfare
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services: Human Services Admin

The programs listed above are designed to prepare graduates for a variety of different roles in the social work field. You’ll be trained to help others get the assistance they need. What’s more, Purdue offers students the option to specialize in a particular area of social work, including child and family welfare and human services administration.

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