Counseling and Human Services

Counseling and human services is an area of social work that focuses on providing support service to clients. This is a rather broad area of social work and can encompass a variety of different roles and responsibilities. Counseling and human services social workers can work in a number of different settings, depending on the client population. Most often, students who choose to specialize in this area of social work desire to provide clinical services to clients rather than administrative or non-clinical services.

Distance learning has become more mainstream as technology improves and the need for a more convenient format of education grows. More and more accredited schools now make online delivery of curriculum an options to working professionals or students with family or personal commitments. These schools include Ashford University, Capella University, Purdue University, the University of Southern California, and Walden University.

Job Duties of a Counseling and Human Services Social Worker

The job duties and employment settings for counseling and human services social workers vary drastically. You can find employment in private practice or at a non-profit agency. Where you work all depends on the kinds of services you wish to provide and where you want to work. Each state has its own requirements to work as a counselor and human services social worker so it’s important to verify those requirements when deciding where to practice. If are you interested in working as a counseling and human services social worker, you’ll be required to perform a number of different job duties, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of which may include:

  • Work under the direction of social workers, psychologists, or others who have more education or experience
  • Help determine what type of help their clients need
  • Work with clients and other professionals, such as social workers, to develop a treatment plan
  • Help clients get help with daily activities, such as eating and bathing
  • Coordinate services provided to clients by their own or other organizations
  • Research services available to their clients in their communities
  • Determine clients’ eligibility for services such as food stamps and Medicaid
  • Help clients complete paperwork to apply for assistance programs
  • Monitor clients to ensure that services are provided appropriately

Degree Requirements for Counseling and Human Services Social Workers

Each program will have its own set of degree requirements in addition to the number of clinical experience hours required to graduate. Many schools offer a degree in social work with a concentration or specialization in this area, allowing you to take the classes necessary to become a trained counseling and human services professional. It’s imperative that you research accredited programs and schools that provide the training and field observation opportunities so you’ll be qualified for employment upon graduation.

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