About Social Work Education Center

At Social Work Education Center, we believe in the principles of helping and healing communities, institutions and humans. Armed with the right education, social work students make a huge impact in the communities they serve. Since the social work education ecosystem can be confusing and intimidating, we hope to break things down into easy-to-understand guides so you can focus on what you need to – helping others.

Our site focuses on a few main areas:

Licensing – We research the various license requirements so you don’t have to. Government websites can be dense and hard to navigate, so we’ve made guides for the various types of licensure and all of the states.

Education – There are a few different degree paths to help you become a social worker. What program you take will depend on your state’s requirements and the level of social work that you want to reach. We have information on the various degree types.

Career Resources – As a social worker, you can specialize in an area of interest that really speaks to your heart. We have robust career guides on the various types of social workers, from child social workers to geriatric social workers.

Service Opportunities – As a social worker, you’ll work closely with communities that are marginalized, poorly resourced and face many other troubles. We’ve created resource pages surrounding issues like mental health and domestic violence that you can use with your clients.

Scholarships – A social work education does not come without a cost. Luckily, there are many scholarships available just for those interested in the field of social work. Check out our list of social work scholarships for more information.

Editorial Team

Anne Rosen

Anne Rosen is the Managing Editor of Social Work Education Center. She has done content strategy and worked for various health-focused organizations and has a passion for addiction treatment and recovery. She has vast experience in higher education, both as a student and as an enrollment specialist for students looking to become social workers, and she brings that knowledge to SWEC.

Jay Jones – Partnerships

Jay shares a passion for social work, having grown up with a mother for a social worker. He’s done lots of work with the homeless community and with people suffering from addiction, and brings that passion to SWEC. Jay sets up any partnerships we have with schools, trying to find great quality programs that are CWSE-accredited for our site visitors to learn about.

Kendra Sette

Kendra Sette is a Higher Education expert writer for Social Work Education Center focusing on topics in and out of the classroom. Her work has appeared in other top education publications, such as CSU Global, Empowerly and the National Association of High School Scholars. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Central Florida, and an AA in Business Administration from Palm Beach State College.

Rebekah Pierce 

Rebekah Pierce is a former teacher and a full-time freelance writer in upstate NY. She specializes in content related to agriculture, education, business, and marketing. In addition to her background as a teacher, Rebekah has also worked in college admissions and continues to write regularly in this niche.


Karyn Bandy
Master of Education, Counseling and Human Services

Karyn has worked in Child Crisis and Child Welfare in both Oregon and Washington over the past two decades. She’s worked with children, parents, schools, mandatory reporters, foster care applicants and with the court system to decrease child abuse and neglect. Her experience includes training foster care applicants and community members and parental supervision with court ordered services to determine child safety. Karyn has done hundreds of successful child placements and has coordinated services among various members of the child welfare team. 

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